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Employers' work permits

As specialists in assisting companies with UK work permits, we offer a three stage process for the sponsoring employer. The applicant also requires specific skills to fulfil a vacancy that cannot be filled by a resident worker in order to obtain work permits under either the Business and Commercial Tier 1/Tier 2, Training and Work Experience (TWES) and shortage occupations visa categories.
Our regulated work permit advisers have extensive experience in helping companies in a wide variety of areas, including IT, financial services, telecommunications, retail, healthcare and many more.
Our fees depend on the complexity and nature of the work and we offer a fixed fee on a no visa no fee basis for peace of mind. Please complete our Online Form to apply as an employee, employer or agency.

Stage One

Obtain initial approval for the work permit from Work Permits UK and apply for the candidate's Further Leave to Remain or assist in obtaining Entry Clearance.

Stage Two

Upon expiry of the work permit, we will assist the employer in the obtaining of extensions for permits or transfers if there is to be a change of employer.

Stage Three

Following the completion of the 5 years working in the UK, we will then assist the work permit holder to obtain full UK residency status and in due course UK citizenship.
We want to give you a service that is as effective as possible - and at a reasonable price. Our clients range from Large Multi-National Corporations to small organisations growing their UK presence. We also specialise in relocating employees to the UK branch of their employer [Intra-Company transfers]

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