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Tier 1 Visa - Post Study Work

The Post-Study Work category of Tier 1 visas is designed as a transitional route to allow the most talented non-EEA nationals graduating from UK universities to transfer into a work or business visa.

The Post-Study Work visa replaces both the previous International Graduates Scheme (IGS) and the Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland Scheme, allowing successful applicants to transfer into any other tier 1 visa category under the Points Based System, if they can meet the specific requirements of that category. Post-Study Work visa holders will also be able to transfer into tier 2, which replaces the previous system of UK work permits.

Note: If you have been previously on IGS, we can switch you to Post-Study Work under the transitional arrangements.


Although part of the Tier 1 immigration structure, Post-Study Work visas are removed from the other three categories in terms of their purpose and their duration. The General, Entrepreneur and Investor UK visa categories are all issued for an initial duration of three years. At the end of this period, subject to meeting the specific requirements of a visa extension, candidates may extend their leave to remain in the UK by a further two years, after which they may seek permanent residency in the UK.

The Post-Work Study category issues visas for only two years and does not allow candidates to extend their time in the UK under this subdivision. This category is not extendable and the two-year duration does not count toward the residency requirements for gaining settled status in the UK.

Post Work Study Visas are issued as a means to allow talented graduates to progress to either another category of tier o1, or to tier 2 by securing a sponsor.

General Requirements

Like the other categories of the Tier 1 immigration visa, the Post-Study work category places both the general requirements of tier 1 immigration as well as category specific criteria upon applicants. Candidates will be required to achieve a minimum pass mark of 75 points.

English Language Requirements

Due to the nature of the Post-Study Work program, which is based upon candidates successfully completing a qualifying course at a UK educational institution, the English language requirement will be deemed to have been satisfied if the candidate successfully meets the specific requirements of this category.

Maintenance Requirements

As with the General and Entrepreneur categories, each applicant must be able to support him or herself financially and must be able to support any dependents who may be joining them. The total sum required to meet the maintenance requirement for the main applicant is £2,800.

The sum for the first dependent will be 2/3 of this amount with any dependents thereafter requiring 1/3 of the figure.

Specific Requirements

The Post-Study Work visa requires a pass mark of 75, and although it divides the criteria into four specific requirements each with a points value, all of these areas must be satisfied in order to qualify.

Requirement 1 - 20 points

A candidate must have successfully completed a course resulting in either:
  • A recognised UK bachelor's degree
  • A recognised UK postgraduate level degree
  • A UK postgraduate diploma or certificate
  • An HND qualification from a recognised Scottish institution

Requirement 2 - 20 points

The educational institution must be either:
  • A recognised or listed UK institution
  • Included on the tier 4 sponsors register once this is in place

Requirement 3 - 20 points

The qualification must have been obtained by the candidate whilst in the UK with one of the following UK immigration status options:
  • In possession of a tier 4 student visa
  • As a dependent of another main applicant in the UK

Requirement 4 - 15 points

The application must be made within 12 months of obtaining the qualification.

Extending a Tier 1 Visa

It is important to note that uniquely among the tier 1 categories, the Post-Study work visa cannot be extended beyond its two-year duration. This UK visa service is issued as a bridging category and successful applicants will be obliged to transfer into another category, having met the appropriate requirements, within two years.

Switching to a Tier 1 Visa

Whilst it is not permissible to switch into the Post-Study Work visa category from anther tier 1 category, candidates may switch from an existing UK study visa, or from a tier 4 visa. In these circumstances, the requirements are the same as a new application with the exception of the maintenance criteria for which the amount will be reduced to £800 plus fees for dependents. Switching out of the Post-Study Work category into another tier 1 category is essential within the two-year duration and will depend upon meeting the specific requirements for the chosen category.

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