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Highly Skilled Migrant Programme Representation

All applications have now been replaced with Tier 1 applications 19th July 2010 onwards please refer to the Tier 1 (general) home page for further information

The Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) is an immigration category designed to allow highly skilled individuals to enter the UK to work in their field of expertise, thereby contributing to the growth and prosperity of the economy.

Work permit- and may apply to switch their status under the HSMP for the benefit of the far greater flexibility it offers.

Individuals already in the UK may apply to switch into HSMP/Tier 1 General without leaving the UK provided they have leave as a:

  • Work permit Tier 2; or
  • Student who has successfully obtained a degree level qualification on a recognised degree course at either a UK publicly funded further or higher education institution or a bona fide UK private education institution which maintains satisfactory records of enrolment and attendance; or
  • Postgraduate doctor or a postgraduate dentist or trainee general practitioner; or
  • Post-study work; or
  • Innovator; or
  • Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland scheme participant.

So if you are degree educated to at least bachelors level and with at least 12 months salaried employment then complete our Free assessment to apply online.

Tier 1 General Scoring Criteria [Qualifying Score 80]
  • Educational qualification:
    • PHD: 40 points
    • Masters Degree: 35 points
    • Bachelors Degree: 0 points
  • Past earnings:
    • Scoring under this category is dependant on the country that you reside. The important thing is that the applicants can now use earnings from the 12 out of the last 15 months from the date of their application for HSMP [Maximum 45 points]
  • UK experience:
    • 5 points can be claimed if an applicant has claimed points under the past earnings category on the basis of earnings earned in the UK / or has studied for at least one full academic year in a Bachelors degree level or higher in full time higher education in the UK or at a UK-based overseas educational institution
    • Age: 20 points are awarded for being under 29 of age while the minimum is 0 for being 40 years or over
    • Other Categories [MBA Provision]

We can assist with initial applications, extensions and appeals. To avoid disappointment, call us and we can present your application on a 100% guarantee or advise you on other modes of entry.

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