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We offer immigration and work permit consultancy services for skilled individuals, HR professionals and corporate clients involved in the management of international assignments and the recruitment of overseas work force.


Regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner [OISC] and members of the Immigration lawyer Practitioner's Association [ILPA] for your peace of mind. This guarantees that an immigration specialist will assist in you all aspects of UK Immigration law for both Corporate and Individual Clients.
Work Permits
We can assist with the

Work Permit

process if you already have a UK employer that is prepared to make you a job offer.

HSMP or Tier1 (general) visas

is the most popular form of migration to the UK for degree educated individuals. Unlike sponsored work permits, HSMP / Tier 1 (general) does not require an employer and after 5 years, we will be able to process your

Permanent residency

  on the same day
UK immigration visas

A marriage visa

  in the UK enables a person to apply for leave to enter the UK or leave to remain on the basis that they are married to a person who is present and settled in the UK.
The UK allows a person to bring their fiancé to join them in the UK on a

fiancé visa